Google wont stay signed in

  happyhotspur 12 Mar 11

I don't know why this has suddenly started happening but everytime I close my browser down and re open it my automatic log in to google toolbar does not work and I have to manually log back into it.

I have tried all the recommendations from google to clear the cache and ensure my cookies are enabled but it does not solve the problem.

Anybody know what I can do. I am running windows 7 with ie7

  bremner 12 Mar 11

Do you have IE7 set to delete browsing history on shut down or set to Private Browsing?

  happyhotspur 13 Mar 11

Sorry I should have said I am running IE8 and it is set to delete browsing history on shut down.

This morning Google loaded automatically, without the need for me to sign in.

Seems very weird

  bremner 13 Mar 11 IE8 go to Tools > Delete Browsing History.

In the list make sure there is no tick in 'Passwords'

  BT 13 Mar 11

Am I missing something here?
As far as I know Google TOOLBAR doesn't need to be signed in. Its installed at the top of your browser.

Are you talking about the Google ACCOUNT sign in tab on the toolbar? If so this only needs to be signed in if you are using your account.The Toolbar works whether signed in or not.

  happyhotspur 13 Mar 11

If I am not signed into Google I cannot access my bookmarks or e-mail(I use Googlemail). There is a little dot at the far right hand corner of the toolbar that is green when I am signed in but at the moment as soon as I open IE8 and my home page appears this dot is grey and I have to sign in to my account before I can access bookmarks and googlemail etc.

This has only started happening lately prior to this I just signed in once and was always signed in.

  happyhotspur 13 Mar 11

Hi bremner just checked and all okay no tick next to passwords

  bremner 13 Mar 11

The login feature was added to Google Toolbar a while ago.

  wee eddie 13 Mar 11

Use CCleaner to clear Cookies, History etc.

click here

  BT 13 Mar 11

I'm aware of that but you still don't have to Sign/log in to use the toolbar, only to use your Google account.

  dororof 14 Mar 11

On your Gmail account have you ticked the 'stay signed in' box,and ticked ok for IE to remember yor password.Then you have access to e-mail and google account.
Otherwise it is as BT says.(13/03/11..16:56),you do not sign in for accesss to toolbar or bookmarks/favourites.


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