Google Toolbar / Popup Stopper & SP2

  flying grouse 22:27 15 Aug 04

Has anyone had any problems with the Google Toolbar after installing SP2.............

  VoG II 22:29 15 Aug 04

Well it doesn't work. The IE pop-blocker seems to over-ride it.

  christmascracker 22:35 15 Aug 04

No, but you shouldn't run both. One or the other

  flying grouse 22:44 15 Aug 04

So is it a case of disable one or the other, or remove Google Toolbar altogether

  christmascracker 22:47 15 Aug 04

I've just disabled the google toolbar as I like the actual toolbar for searches.

It does say on the google help pages not to use two at the same time.

I find the SP2 popup blocker quite good.

  flying grouse 23:22 15 Aug 04

Thanks for the replies........flying grouse....

  powerless 23:27 15 Aug 04

I turned off the SP2 popupperblocker.

Prefer google.

Either way they both work the same to me.

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