Google Toolbar in Firefox 1.5

  Roger Duke 15:54 17 Dec 05

Just installed Google toolbar on Firefox 1.5. Previously used Googlebar. Tried to find "Search Country" with no success. Can set a specific country using the "Search" tab and "Use Google" drop-down menu, but can't place a "Search Country" button directly on Toolbar.

Went to Options button, Search tab but there's no "Search Country" under "Add Google Search Buttons to your Toolbar."

Any help appreciated.

  Hamish 17:14 17 Dec 05

On my Google toolbar it is under options, click on Google at left of toolbar, then options, then
search and look at bottom of page.

  Roger Duke 17:41 17 Dec 05

Yes that's where it SHOULD be, but for some reason the only check-boxes are...
Search Site
I'm feeling lucky
Search Images
Search Groups
Search Froogle

There must be some way of making the Search Country box availbale, but I can't work it out.

  Hamish 17:50 17 Dec 05

You appear to be clicking on the Search button on the toolbar, Its not there it is under Options and under options there is a search box. If you do not have Options, ri
ght click on a vacant part of the toolbar and cusatomise

  Hamish 17:59 17 Dec 05

I should have added that when you right click as above and customise you can drag whatever onto the toolbar and when you open Options you will find the search boxwhich you should be clicking on

  DieSse 18:21 17 Dec 05

There's not a search country box - but you can say which google site to use (bottom right corner of the Search Page settings.)

  Roger Duke 18:54 17 Dec 05

Yes Hamish I do have Options on the Toolbar but as DieSse says there's no Country box. The point is there WAS such a box and according to Google there still should be.
I realise I can (and have) set the Google site to .uk, but the beauty of having the Country button is that you can (for example) search .com by default, or by choosing the Country button search .uk instead. In the past I found this very useful and would really like to re-enable it.

  DieSse 20:50 17 Dec 05

Praps it's only in the IE version?

I always add uk onto the search terms if i want sites mainly in the uk

  iscanut 21:11 17 Dec 05

There is no button, but a scroll list to select from as DieSse has referred to above. Select the option. Select Google Options then the search tab..go to bottom right hand corner..

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