Google slow at loading and poor scroling.

  Ex plorer 19 Oct 11

Google is so slow at loading and jerky when scrolling its getting to a point where I am looking for a better and more efficient search.

I have tried the PCA search bar but my McAfee doesn't show green ticks for safe sites or the WOT green circle am I missing some thing here. Shame as its faster and smoother than Google.

McAfee and WOT both work on Bing.

Havent tried Yahoo yet.

  Pineman100 19 Oct 11

The fault is unlikely to lie with Google - it's more likely to be your browser or your internet connection.

What's your operating system, what's your browser? Have you run a speed test on your internet connection?

  Ex plorer 20 Oct 11

OS Vista Fire-fox

  Pineman100 20 Oct 11

Have you tried going to Google on Internet Explorer, to compare speeds? If IE seems fine, then this suggests that Firefox is to blame.

Have you run a speed test on your internet connection? If not, here's how:

  Ex plorer 20 Oct 11

The best I can get at top end is half a Gig where I live the Laptop loads quick and runs satisfactorily its only Google that seems to be out of sink.

Speed Test powered by Speed Test Results

DOWNLOAD 0.71 Mbps
UPLOAD 0.36 Mbps

Detailed Results Date 20/10/11 14:10:29 Download speed 722.40 Kbps (0.71 Mbps) Upload speed 368.04 Kbps (0.36 Mbps)

  Pineman100 20 Oct 11

I presume you have Google set as your home page on Firefox. Have you also got it set as home page on IE? If so, how does the speed of the two compare, when it comes to loading Google?

Next question: have you got a lot of Firefox add-ons and/or extra toolbars?


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