Mugtree 14:17 26 Nov 08

I've been recommended to look at "Google Sites" for creating free web pages - I'd be interested to know if anyone has any comments about them, or experience of them - ???

  PC Advisor Fan 11:31 27 Nov 08

i have

its ok but i would much rather use paid hosting

  Mugtree 13:31 27 Nov 08

Hello there,
Many thanks for your reply - I've just been experimenting with Google Sites and have found it quite easy to get a good looking web page. But I just wondered if there are any downsides to it, as it's free, and after a bit of playing around, not difficult to use.

Problem with the paid ones, as far as I see it, is that you've got to pay your money before you see what you're getting (in the way of templates, and how much flexibility you get with page design). At least with the free ones you can open up a website and have a good play around first.

I really only want a small fairly simple website, and Google sites seems to offer a bit of flexibility for page design that some of the other free ones don't.

  sean-278262 14:33 04 Dec 08

Try sites like who do free hosting with no ads. I have used them as a starting point myself and gives you a good taste for the web while still getting a lot of paid for features freely and those you cant get cheaply as a one off charge.



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