google search results conundrum

  rsturbo 16 Jul 13

i am just about to try to design a website, i was wondering how i can be listed in the search results of google as shown here click here see the results are shown with the letters a to g with corresponding pins on the map on right hand side.

can somebody explain how i get my website listed here?

thanks for any help


  andrewhopes 17 Jul 13


Please follow these steps:-

  1. Create a Gmail account
  2. Go To section and login with Gmail account
  3. Created a Sitemap
  4. Submit your website and Sitemap in

After that your site will be listed in Google within 2 or 3 days.

  rsturbo 03 Aug 13

great thanks!

  rsturbo 16 Aug 13

ok thanks, where is the webmaster section? is it somewhere when i sign in i cant find it

  rsturbo 18 Aug 13

bump^ i cant seem to work out how to do this - i thought i had it licked but cant find where to do this. any help would be greatly appreciated.

  lotvic 18 Aug 13

Open Google, in the Search term put:

or to go straight to guidelines ClickHere

  rdave13 18 Aug 13

I'm not in to designing websites but does this help?

  lotvic 18 Aug 13

Ah, I believe I misunderstood. I think you mean How to get listed on Google Maps? 5 Easy Steps to Get Listed in Google Maps for FREE ClickHere


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