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  Ian in Northampton 02 Mar 12

Not a question, just an observation for those of you who have been following the Google Privacy Policy story. My wife and I have been looking for a house in Scotland which has, of course, involved extensive Googling. One of the properties we found suffered from Japanese Knotweed.

Now, knotweed isn't something most people are thinking about much - some of you reading it may never even have heard of it. It's not something people talk about all the time.

So: imagine my surprise, when I started to watch a random YouTube football video, to find at the bottom of the screen.... ... an advert for knotweed treatment and removal.

It's spooky stuff. The targeted ads that come with Gmail I've got used to, but this 'cross platform' information sharing takes it to another level.

I don't think I'm worried.


  rdave13 03 Mar 12

Go to Google">">Google Dashboard and there you can delete your history and pause it, if you wish, on the different Google apps.

  rdave13 03 Mar 12
  Quickbeam 03 Mar 12

I was recently searching for electric basses, and now every page I search seems to have ads for those on the side.

I'm not sure weather to be amused or annoyed, but I can say that it wouldn't have influenced me to make purchase or not. If I was going to buy I would already have done so. So, are the advertisers really getting any value for money this way from idle wish list searches?

  Batch 03 Mar 12

Some one recently posted a link for Do Not Track+ on here. See Click here

I suspect regardless of what your google and other settings are, DNT+ will go some way to thwarting these guys. Certainly, Google Analytics is one tracker that appears in DNT+s lists over and over again (especially as I'm using Chrome).

  john bunyan 03 Mar 12

Even on a short visit now to this PCA site, DNT+ has stopped 11 tracking "cookies"

  Bike-it 03 Mar 12

I am thinking of downloading DNT+ to use with Google chrome, but have read on another site that it installs a search engine Blekko which takes over your search engine,and is impossible to uninstall can any one here who uses DNT+ with Google Chrome offer any help please.

  Batch 03 Mar 12

No Blekko installed.

See the postings on this download site CNET. Maybe that's what you saw, but if you read the responses therein you will see that the original poster got it wrong.


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