google moon?????

  wolfie3000 22:01 21 Sep 05

what happened to my google earth? click here

Its now google moon how do i get the earth back?

  SANTOS7 22:11 21 Sep 05

Perhaps because its night time and you will get google earth tomorrow daytime,(i'll get me coat)..

  Thalmus 22:11 21 Sep 05

mines still ok, how did you get that?

  wolfie3000 22:13 21 Sep 05

god knows it just happened i was wandering around Florida (planning a trip there soon) and boomf!! it turns into the moon.

  Thalmus 22:15 21 Sep 05
  wolfie3000 22:16 21 Sep 05

sorry but that doesnt help much as i need to know how to change it back tonight

  SANTOS7 22:21 21 Sep 05

Moon is a downloaded overlay of earth to get earth back uncheck the file in the places window

  woodchip 22:24 21 Sep 05

I tried Google Earth but did not find it could see much only main roads

  wolfie3000 22:26 21 Sep 05

cheers santos it worked thanks :-)

  Simsy 10:25 22 Sep 05

provided by Thalmus...

and keep zooming in... Amazing!



  Stuartli 10:39 22 Sep 05

All I can say is hard cheese...:-))

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