Google maps directions problem

  muddypaws 20:11 PM 01 Sep 12

Have used it frequently, but yesterday and just now when using the orange man in street view to follow the route, after moving forward twice by clicking on the grey ovals it then keeps returning to the previous position. ie you don't move forward any more.

Anyone else having this problem?

  Nontek 20:40 PM 01 Sep 12

Just tried it - working normally for me, though I don't have the grey ovals, I just click on any spot further along the road.

Maybe my GE is a later version than yours - V6.2.2.6613

  Woolwell 20:44 PM 01 Sep 12

Works ok for me in Google Maps. Are you clicking too far ahead?

  muddypaws 21:13 PM 01 Sep 12


Mine is so later than yours, but I avoid GE as much as possible,


No-- just the same as always--to the next oval.

Perhaps it is FF14 that I have just upped to.

  Nontek 21:34 PM 01 Sep 12

your is much older than my!

  Nontek 21:36 PM 01 Sep 12

Hmm, sorry - I am thinking Google Earth, not Google Maps (which I don't use).

  Nontek 21:42 PM 01 Sep 12

Just had a play with Google Maps, works fine for me (using FF).

  muddypaws 22:06 PM 01 Sep 12


You spotted my deliberate mistake! I meant to say 'earlier than yours'.

Might try an update on GE.

  muddypaws 21:05 PM 03 Sep 12

It appears to have corrected itself. Thanks.


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