Google Maps Add-On

  thumbscrew 10:41 23 May 10

Anyone now anything about a new Add-On for Google Maps?

  Ibanez2010 12:30 23 May 10


  Technotiger 17:09 23 May 10
  thumbscrew 17:45 23 May 10

Thanks technotiger, this seems to be some sort of extra viewing aid (Or am I wrong?). The one I read another magazine...was some sort of 3D device.

  Woolwell 18:04 23 May 10

Possibly this click here

  thumbscrew 18:25 23 May 10

Thanks Woolwell. I was under the impression that the add-on would give a 3D image to Google Street Maps, maybe I misread it. Am I allowed to name the magazine I saw it in?

  Woolwell 19:03 23 May 10

I think that you may be referring to this click here.

  Woolwell 19:04 23 May 10

Or this click here but note the date.

  thumbscrew 19:24 23 May 10

Thanks for your patience Woolwell-and I trust I'm not trying it! Before this turns into a marathon, I'll bite the bullet and confess I saw the add-on in the current issue of Web User.Admitting I'm a parasite, I was thumbing through it in WH Smith's and didn't purchase it. Anyway, I assumed it created a 3D image, but I didn't see anything about wearing the necessary goggles.....perhaps I missed that?

  Woolwell 19:34 23 May 10

I used to view true aerial 3D images using a stereoscope. The imagery that Google uses for Earth/Map cannot produce true 3D. By using perspective it can give a feeling of 3D. The other view is using calculations to give a 3D look.

I'll now have to have a look at Web User as I cannot find anything on their site.

  thumbscrew 19:37 23 May 10

Ok amigo, I'll await your review. In retrospect...because of guilt...I'll revisit Smith's tomorrow and buy it!!

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