Google Mail Time difference

  Peants68 21:48 12 Feb 08

Can anyone please tell me how to alter the time displayed in Google Mail - this is some 8 hours difference from GMT.


  MAT ALAN 22:07 12 Feb 08

Didn't know there was a time display...

  Ashrich 22:18 12 Feb 08

Sign in to your account , on the left hand side you can edit your personal information , including where you live , which will change the time stamp .


  MAT ALAN 22:34 12 Feb 08

AHH!! i understand why i cannot see any reference to time i do not have "display all time zones" ticked

as its an optional feature i will leave it unticked..

  Peants68 18:53 21 Feb 08

Thankyou for your replies.

My problem seems to have arisen from several restores. I have now reset the time to GMT and am now getting correct time stamp on Gmail.

Many thanks again

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