Google mail for several friends

  keewaa 19:34 05 Feb 06

I acquired a google email 6 months ago, and have several friends who would like one to use with Picasa.

6 months on I have no invite ability, Gmail accounts can't be activated by mobile phone in this country, and I can't find any way of creating new accounts for people.

Why are google making it so hard and is there any way of creating new Gmail accounts, apart from the obvious way contained in the next plea ?

And of course the next plea is if some kind persons could forward me a few invites, I can forward them on to my friends. Please send to me at

[email protected]


  De Marcus™ 19:38 05 Feb 06

I've sent five, just another 95 to go ;-)

  storme 19:46 05 Feb 06

I have loads of invites u want an invite or ten?????
send me the email address's that u need me to send the invites to

  keewaa 20:01 05 Feb 06

Thank you, I've 6 now which is enough. Thanks.

With google having made it so hard, maybe they won't work being sent to a gmail account (and to the same gmail account)?

I'll get back later, if these don't work when forwarded to them.

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