Google images.

  rdave13 22:05 06 Aug 10

Clicked on the images link in Google search page and typed 'vintage cars'. Page states it has found 7,100,000 approx. I'm sure that I'm missing something here because I can only access eight images.
Bing is OK.
Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

  Sea Urchin 22:23 06 Aug 10

What happens when you try to access any of the other images? I also get the same number found as you did, but I can access any of them (or at least the six I checked on the first three pages).

  DieSse 22:40 06 Aug 10

Look for the link to click on that says "switch to basic version" - it's near the bottom of the page.

  rdave13 22:40 06 Aug 10

Hello Sea Urchin. Having refreshed the page I can scroll down to page 61. Without refreshing I couldn't access any other page. That gives an average of 732 images. Bing gives 996 images without refreshing. So if the results found are so huge then why can't Google or Bing slowely reveal these images if they are true search engines.
Wonder if Googles new 'proposal' to this provider will make it a better search engine?
It can certainly lack at times.

  rdave13 22:44 06 Aug 10

Thanks. On basic version goes up to page 49.

  rdave13 22:52 06 Aug 10

This is the result going to page 50 on basic version; click here

  rdave13 23:01 06 Aug 10

It seems that Google nor Bing will show image results more than about 980 of them.
Wonder why they brag about finding so many in such short time when it's obvious they won't be able, or want, to show them?

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