Google - How can I get Google to be my primary search engine?

  Trenny 23 Oct 12

Google - How can I get Google to be my primary search engine? At the moment I have ASK, which I do not get along with!Sometimes Babylon comes up.

  northumbria61 23 Oct 12

Firefox - To Change Default Search in Firefox - In your address bar, type in: “about:config”

Inside of the filter search box, type in:

Double click that entry (or right click and choose “Modify”) and then type in the name of the search engine you wish to have as the default search engine. It must be one that you already have installed and also make sure you type in the name correctly.

  Woolwell 23 Oct 12

You have to be careful with Java updates as unless you untick the box Ask gets installed.

  northumbria61 23 Oct 12

If using Internet Explorer - Tools - Internet Options - General Tab - Home page - Type in - Apply - OK

  Trenny 25 Oct 12

Hmm... I am going to keep things as they are. It sounds safer, having read verious other threads online.Thanks for the suggestions, though.

  iscanut2 25 Oct 12

Safer ?? There should not be any problem, you are only changing a search engine.

Northumbria. It is not the home page that is wanted, just to be able to use Google as the search engine.

If using Firefox, just click on the down arrow in the search box top right and you should see various serach engines, just click on the one you want as default. You will also see the option to "Manage Search Engine "

  lotvic 25 Oct 12

..the option to "Manage Search Engine " and click on the one you want and move up to the top so that it is first in the list.


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