Google History

  NotSureBoutThis 16:10 25 Jul 07


I use Google as my home page, however, each time I go to type something in the search bar, all the history of my previous inquiries comes up, how can I stop it?

  alB 16:39 25 Jul 07

One of the easiest ways is to run CCleaner after every internet session, it will remove cookies, temp internet files etc, and should solve your problem ...alB

click here

  esbe 23:57 25 Jul 07

Place the curser on the top entry so that the entry is highlighted & leave it there, then hit the delete button.

Not sure, but I think you can stop them showing by using a setting in Auto complete ( IE Tools / Options)


  NotSureBoutThis 09:00 26 Jul 07

Thanks for the help and advice, much appreciated.

  yaesu 20:15 26 Jul 07

Hi,NotSureAboutThis, esbe' s method doesn't work, at least here with ie7. If you click Tools; delete browsing history; then choose what you want to get rid of (History in your case) it'll ask "are you sure?". Then you'll find your history has gone. I can't find a way to do this automatically opn closing ie, at least not yet!! Regards, yaesu.

  esbe 20:41 26 Jul 07

yep, works fine on IE6.

  NotSureBoutThis 19:36 30 Jul 07

Yes folks, I'm running IE7

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