Google have sent me a Text

  wee eddie 13:55 PM 16 Jun 13

"Your Google verification is xxxxxx." there is a number, rather than x's, there which I shall keep to myself.

I have absolutely no idea what this might refer to - Any "sensible" suggestions welcome. I'd really like to know.

  Nontek 14:00 PM 16 Jun 13
  northumbria61 14:10 PM 16 Jun 13

Could be this - enter link description here

  hastelloy 19:07 PM 16 Jun 13

This is what they send to enable you to reset your password on your Google account.

  wee eddie 20:53 PM 16 Jun 13

But, why should I need to re-set my password?

To the best of my knowledge I didn't try to or ask to.

  woodchip 21:34 PM 16 Jun 13

It may have been hijacked, your password that is. It happened to my e-mail and had to create new password


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