google earth and Windows 8

  Damarc 20 Jun 13

Are they compatible because i've downloaded it three times now [installing and uninstalling when it doesn't seem to work]. I get the menu bar on the left hand side but the main 'globe' area remains black although there are small icons of various photos of places [otherwise known as a tour] at the bottom of the black area. My tablet/laptop hybrid is comparatively new so am I missing a programme that will make it work? I've got Java downloaded and flashplayer.

  Dragon_Heart 21 Jun 13

Google Earth isn't official supported on Windows 8 !!!!!

For some it works OK with Windows 8 but not all

Some suggest you revert back to v6.2

Note you will need to completely uninstall the newer version of Google Earth in order to install an earlier version onto your laptop

You can find version 6.2 on the Google Earth site

Google do know about the problem so if all else fails you may have to wait for them to sort it out

  Aileronica 12 Sep 13

To make Google earth work again on Win8

  • Go to the task manager (right click bottom left corner)

  • Choose the details tab,

  • Check the list to see if PenTablet.exe is running. There are 4 PenTablet files.

  • Right mouse click on each one and choose 'End Task'**

Should work fine again, its because of an incompatibility with the tablet and Pen drivers and win8, on machines that don't have tablet drivers installed, they are not supported in GE anyway. you'll have to repeat this process every time you re boot unfortunately. Looking forward to a patch guys!

You may also have to right click on the google earth icon and select properties and then set the compatibility mode to win7

I had the same problem with an older version of Photoshop that doesn't support the Pen_Tablet drivers. If you are not using them, they can be stopped without any issues. They don't seem to be in the startup list, so I guess they are automatically loaded with win8.

  Damarc 12 Sep 13

I've decided just to use my old laptop for GE. It seems far easier Thank you foryour help

  Damarc 12 Sep 13

I've decided just to use my old laptop for GE. It seems far easier Thank you foryour help


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