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  thumbscrew 24 May 11

I'm using the latest Google Earth....6.03...2197, but I can't get Street View to function. All goes well until I drag the Pegman on top of the chosen street. (It's permanently on the left,not the right as I believe it should be), and then Earth immediately shuts down. Can anyone help?

  Nontek 24 May 11

Try a re-install, you might then get an option to do a Repair - or it may just do a full re-install.

  thumbscrew 24 May 11

Thanks Nontek but I've reinstalled a couple of times and I even went back to an earlier version.

  thumbscrew 24 May 11

Thanks 124,seems a common problem. I tried a few of the tips...still crashes. When the Pegman appears on the right side of the it used to with me, it works correctly. Somehow mine has moved to the left....ergo instant crash.

  Snrub 25 May 11

On Google Earth Toolbar Try Help/Help Resources which has a section on crashing browsers

•An outdated graphics card •An issue with DirectX or OpenGL •A corrupt myplaces.kml file that is crashing your system upon launch

  Woolwell 25 May 11

This not the answer but I find that I rarely use Google Earth as Google Map does all I want including street view.

  thumbscrew 25 May 11

Many thanks everyone, I've tried various tweaks, reinstalls and alterations....all to no avail. However, Street View is available via any Browser, thus avoiding the need to persist with Earth which, seems to have some sort of a bug that Google seem unruffled about. Typing in "Google Maps" into your Browser, reveals Street View and it's also faster this way.


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