Google Drive

  gel 27 Apr 12

I am reading a lot about google drive and I am confused ,so I have come to my normal temple of knowledgeable friends. I have used google docs for a long time for items that are not confidential very often down loads/scanning's like tax tables from newspapers For documents I use USB sticks which I carry with me and use on desk tops/lap tops Weekly I back up the USB to the desk top My google doc now has a heading DRIVE I have not downloaded Drive and at present I can see no benefits. I use Picasa for pictures I understand that if I create a document in drive it will be stored 'in the sky' and also on my hard discs both desk top and lap top by syncing So can any one tell me I have got it all wrong and that I should GO FOR A DRIVE ( google drive ) that is I am sure some one has tried it Thank you gel

  KRONOS the First 27 Apr 12

I use DropBox Found here. i think Google have lost there way in regards to privacy these days so am not sure I want to trust them with my stuff using Google drive.

I am very happy with the 20GB free I have with DropBox and it has never let me down.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 27 Apr 12

Useful if you want to store something off site - not subject to harddrive failure etc. the equivalent of a company storing things on a server.

I have a few docs, that I would hate to lose, stored this way however I wouldn't store anything with passwords banknumbers or incriminating :0) with google.

  gel 27 Apr 12

Thank you very much for your comments During the week there seems to have been a lot of excitement regarding google drive but I cannot see why I would agree, committing sensitive info to Google may seem foolhardy still I do not think any one would be interested in breaking into my gmail messages gel

  kdt 27 Apr 12

After reading the small print of their terms & conditions I would not be interested.


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