Google crawling

  markymark981 03 Jul 12

Hi I have submitted my site for google crawling and verified it, but after 4 days I still have no data on the webmasters toolbar...they say check back later if no results found but it's been 4 days now!

Help! Lol

Thanks mark

  Ansolan 03 Jul 12


Webmaster Tools data takes a while to update, your site could be indexed but better to help the site anyway.

If you mean you have just used the addURL facility, you may be as well to ensure the site has a couple of links pointing there from other well indexed sites. You might like to read:

Google indexing

Also a good idea to add and submit a .xml sitemap if you have not done so:


Without knowing the site, hard to comment further.

  markymark981 03 Jul 12

Hi Ansolan

Many thanks for the advice I'm reading the links now



  manoj9585 12 Jul 12

Automated website crawlers are powerful tools to help crawl and index content on the web. As a webmaster, you may wish to guide them towards your useful content and away from irrelevant content.

  Millard001 23 Jul 12

hi, i would like to say that you should just make sure about your crwling access. after that you just need to start slowly links with diffrent anchor text & if you have blog than it's fantastic, just put uqnique post & search engine will crwle your site.

Thanks, John Millard

  manoj9585 21 Aug 12

When you sit down at your computer and do a Google search, you're almost instantly presented with a list of results from all over the web. How does Google find web pages matching your query, and determine the order of search results?


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