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  123joey123 03 Jul 10

I would be grateful if the experts might suggest how I could improve my Google position on my website click here
I am on page 3 at the moment. I know you are going to say, more links and I am working on that. Thanks in advance

  123joey123 03 Jul 10

Sorry, re last submission. Wrong address. It is
click here


  123joey123 03 Jul 10

Thanks, that's helpful. I'll make the changes

  Ansolan 04 Jul 10


As mentioned, there are many possible improvements. A couple worth immediate attention:

Look how Google have your site indexed, the home page without www, others with.

click here

Have a read through:

click here

You need to fix this using 301 redirects. Your host may do this for you, if not search around for 301 redirects on an IIS server and pick the entries you understand best.

Take a look at:

click here

Google don't appear to be getting your navigation. Either change the navigation to a more standard format or replicate by adding a plain text footer menu.

With those basic points in place, at least search engines have a chance of understanding your site. Then you can crack on with the detailed work, this might help:

click here

  123joey123 05 Jul 10

I read somewhere that search engines do not like javascript.My navigation is javascript. Do you think that is the reason and I should change to a HTML format?

  123joey123 05 Jul 10

Thanks, I'll change

  123joey123 07 Jul 10

I followed much of the advice given here and, suddenly, as if by majic, my site is on the first page of Google and heading in Yahoo and Bing.

Thank you all for your time and expertise


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