Google Chrome Problem

  The Teacher 29 May 11

For some reason Chrome has started to run really slowly and I cannot access websites from the address bar. I can access my homepage on start of Chrome and I can access it then from home icon. I can access websites if I do a search for them and then click the link but can't access them from favourites.

I really don't want to go back to IE if I can help it. I did install some apps from webstore but have since uninstalled them as I thought that might be the problem. I am also getting a lot of "page unresponsive" messages.


The Teacher

  James Hull 29 May 11

Go incognito! If pages are more responsive then it could be either an extension or bloated cache.

See here for some more info and tips

  woodchip 29 May 11

Are we looking at some Chrome spamming in these two chrome threads. From a Chrome forum maybe

  bremner 29 May 11

From two members with a total of 15 years membership I think it doubtful.

  James Hull 30 May 11

Tags allow you to easily see related posts. I saw two on Chrome and answered.

  The Teacher 30 May 11

Got anything constructive to add Woodchip?

  The Teacher 30 May 11

Hi James,

Cache is emptied at end of every session, looked at the link and done some of the stuff in there, will let you know how it gets on.

  woodchip 30 May 11

No its just that I saw these two thread both for chrome both have the same member posting them. I thought it was to get us going. Sorry if I was wrong

  The Teacher 03 Jun 11

Problem solved guys. I installed firefox instead.


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