Google Chrome and Privacy

  badgermansix 27 Dec 11

I was talking to a neighbour about Google Chrome. He told me that there was a Security issue with it that he did not like, this was the fact that it records everything that you do forever. Although I do not have a problem about where I visit (I'm a good boy I am!)is this true about Google Chrome keeping your history? Any Comments about this please?

Thank you

  octal 27 Dec 11

That could be said about any browser. They all store your browsing history somewhere on the machine. You can usually clear your browsing history in all the browsers in the preferences, including Google Chrome. If I want to be really paranoid just go into the system files and look for and delete the profile folder, you will of course delete all your bookmarks, but they should be backed up somewhere anyway.

  Batch 27 Dec 11

Open up Chrome with no other tabs active, then click the spanner icon and go to Options, Under The Bonnet and at the top of the page (under Privacy), click on Clear Browsing Data, then on the dialogue box that pops up, change the drop down to read "the beginning of time" and then check all the boxes and then click the Clear browsing data button.

A short cut to the dialogue box is to open up Chrome and hit CTL+SHIFT+DEL simultaneously

  badgermansix 27 Dec 11

Thanks for the replies, I appreciate what you have said but I think he was referring to storage of info online at google gold, the same as yahoo do apparentley?

  rdave13 27 Dec 11

This is their Privacy Notice.

  badgermansix 30 Dec 11

Thanks rdave13, I think that will do to answer the question.


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