Google Chrome opens with a recent website!

  Diemmess 03 Jun 12

Assisting the gardener in my family I sorted maps and routes to a collection of National Garden Scheme patches open to the public today.

With that "out of the way" I was not best pleased to find that if I go online with Chrome the page opens with the last visited NGS website!

In the background as a tab, is the expected BT Yahoo page, or I can click on another tab and open a new page (all as normal).

What I cannot do is rid myself of the NGS site appearing first each time I go online. CCleaner and Malwarebyts do nothing for this state and neither did a restart from cold.

Going online using the original I.E. behaves quite normally, though I stopped using it some time ago because it is so much slower when browsing.

I can and will overwrite the present system with a recent Acronis backup, but is there a reconfiguration of Google Chrome that will rid me of this nuisance more simply?

  Diemmess 03 Jun 12

Solved! With another site open and the NGS one in the background ......... The magic right click on the errant tab and chose "Close this tab"

Some Mums do 'ave 'em!

  Diemmess 05 Jun 12


Just in case someone is interested

The cause of the confusion I realised after the event. The tab on the left hand side and first in the row is normally the BT Yahoo tab. Somehow, the rogue NGS tab was on the left and so was the first to open.


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