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  BT 23 Feb 13

I got a small pop up this morning saying that Google Chrome had disabled some extensions to speed up my 'Chrome Experience'.

Now I add extensions to improve my 'Experience' and surely its not up to them to disable these things without asking me first, particularly as the main one they had disabled was McAfee Site Advisor, which I find very useful, and had to re-enable.

  wiz-king 23 Feb 13

You are not alone. FFox also keeps popping up a list of addons.

  Forum Editor 23 Feb 13

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  morddwyd 24 Feb 13

Same here. If they don't want people to install these extensions they should not make them available through the browser.

When Chrome started it was a delightful light fast change to other bloated browsers.

Now it's become just like all the other monoliths, deciding what we want and giving to us without so much as an option.

  Batch 24 Feb 13

What Google are seemingly trying to do is disable extensions that users have not proactively enabled / installed as some software (upon installation) insert extensions in to Chrome. Unforuntaely their means of detecting such extensions is flawed.

I got a message telling me that it had disabled avast! WebRep when it was already disabled (by me) anyhow.

The real solution would be for Chrome not to allow extensions to be installed without specifically asking for user permission at the time of installing.


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