google chrome bookmarks

  Bike-it 21:39 PM 03 Sep 11

I use Google Chrome on my present laptop but i will soon be getting a new laptop, as i have loads of favourite bookmarks saved, how can i import them onto my new laptop?

  interzone55 21:52 PM 03 Sep 11

If you hit the spanner button, select Bookmarks & then Bookmark manager.

From this screen select Organise and there's an option to export bookmarks, save the file to a USB stick.

From your new laptop fire up Chrome and Import the file from the Import Bookmarks and Settings under the Bookmarks option

  Bike-it 22:22 PM 03 Sep 11

So when i choose export bookmarks and hit save do i then choose the usb stick from the different options?

  interzone55 09:37 AM 04 Sep 11

Put the file where-ever you like, but at some point you'll need to save it to some form of external drive in order to transfer it to your new laptop.

I assume you'll be transferring other files to the new laptop as well, so save it to whatever storage media these files are going on...

  VOT Productions 20:24 PM 04 Sep 11

You can also try syncing with the new laptop.


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