google chrome

  woodchip 05 Feb 12

where are favorites in the above browser

  Woolwell 05 Feb 12

They are called bookmarks. Do you mean where they are located or which button to click on? This should help How to use Chrome and the right hand column.

The star at the right hand end of the URL entry box allows you to select the current site as a bookmark, giving you the option to a) put it on your bookmarks bar (just below where you type the URL), b) put it in 'other bookmarks', and c) edit its name (a useful feature if you want to maximise the number of bookmarks that are immediately available through a single click from your bookmarks bar).

  Batch 06 Feb 12

Chrome stores its bookmarks in a single text file called Bookmarks in C:\Documents and Settings\YOURUSERNAME\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default. IE (at least up to IE8) stores each favorite as an Internet Shortcut file under its Favorites path (I've got over 1,000 of the little blighters).

If you want to keep Chrome & IE in sync, you need to export / import each time. A right pain.

BTW, I find Chrome's bookmark handling poor. I've installed the Neat Bookmarks extension, which still uses the same data but presents the bookmarks in a much more useable fashion.

  Woolwell 07 Feb 12



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