Google Chrome

  Gwynedd 06 Jun 11

Contemplating installing Google Chrome as my default browser, but keep reading very mixed reviews - especially issues over privacy and Google hoovering up all kinds of info about you. Any observations to help me.

  sunnystaines 06 Jun 11

try it delete if not liked.

pros fast

cons very basic

  Flak999 06 Jun 11

I have it as my default browser, it is very fast does not contain the bloat of IE and is rated as being one of, if not the most secure browser available. Give it a go you won't look back!

  BT 06 Jun 11

Been using it for ages with no problem

I can't recommend it highly enough. 'Fast' is its main attribute. I also find it much more intuitive than IE.

  Gwynedd 07 Jun 11

Thanks for the help, guys. Downloading.

  canarieslover 07 Jun 11

Good fast browser with no print preview being it's main fault. Also doesn't actually print what you are expecting it to. If you need to print from the web at all then keep a copy of Firefox and use that when you need to print. Other than that I have no problems with it.

  yogibear 10 Jun 11

OK as a rule, better the any of the IE family, but a git when (as mine has) the autofill passwords option fails. Write all your passwords/usernames down somewhere...wish I had.

  SURVEY 15 Jun 11

The PRINT routine is a real pain! I much prefer to have a toolbar with the usual File etc headings.

  SB23 15 Jun 11

I tried it, but it seemed not to work too well on my machine. Don't know why, but now use Firefox as I find that some sites including PcAdvisor work alot better instead of on IE or Aol.


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