Google Chrome

  collinsc 13:17 26 Apr 09


I recently installed google chrome - which wrote over Internet Explorer. I was assuming it to be better! but i have experienced problems - the latest being that i am unable to select multiple emails within hotmail, it will only let you select one at a time!

can anyone advise on the hotmail issue or advise how i just go back to IE?

Thanks kindly

  DieSse 13:47 26 Apr 09

"...which wrote over Internet Explorer."

It doesn't do that - it's just a separate program, just like any other program.

"....advise how i just go back to IE?"

You just use it - it'll still be there. Look in the program list. If you want to set IE to be the defalt browser (ie the one that starts when you click on web links) :-

Start IE - go to Tools - Internet Options - Programs and click the "Make Default" button

  Sea Urchin 15:15 26 Apr 09

As DieSse says it's perfectly possible to have several browsers on your system, and just use the one you want. Many people for example have IE and Firefox as options.

  collinsc 15:29 26 Apr 09

sorted - thanks kindly

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