Google Checkout

  novis 13:46 08 Nov 08


I am registered with Google Checkout - but the opportunity never seems to arise to use it to pay for online purchases.

How do I link into it when I want to pay for an item I want to buy online?



  MAT ALAN 13:57 08 Nov 08

It will depend if the site you are buying from supports "google checkout"

When you consider they are competing with the likes of Paypal i don't think you will find many...

Ebay does NOT support google checkout...

  chub_tor 14:26 08 Nov 08

I regularly use Google checkout with ebuyer and Amazon and many other on line stores also offer it.

  Belatucadrus 14:44 08 Nov 08

click here for the list of stores using it.

  chub_tor 15:06 08 Nov 08

Thanks for the link, I was certain that I had used Google Checkout with Amazon. Must be getting old as it is not on the list or on their website.

  highside 15:56 29 Nov 09

I wanted to buuy a mobile from a UK shop but because I live abroad (UK bloke EU country with UK cards accounts and paypal all registered to delivery & billing address)they said I had to create an account with them so I did, they then said I had to pay with google checkout so I rang their shop immediately before ordering to check it was in stock and in the UK shop. Next back to google checkout to pay & after yet more timewasting after an hour was over the moon when google said the item was dispatched and my payment cleared.
Next day I did some checking and guess what they never had the item in stock at all so what was it all about. Give me paypal anytime enter your email & password and jobs done. Above case took ages to complete all for nothing.Except I am now the proud owner of two more accounts whose owners have all my details.

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