google cant find me

  jonostar 11:03 24 Feb 06

how do i make google recognise my business web address. i have added the site many times and still no joy.. is there a sure fire way to make me googalable/ is this a word?? it will be in 10 years i reckon... u heard it here first..
many thanx

  rmcqua 11:12 24 Feb 06

How long since you first added it? I have heard that it can take quite a time!

  jonostar 11:24 24 Feb 06

3 months added several times!!

  Softstag 12:32 24 Feb 06

You need to make sure you have links to it. Post the link here and Google should spider it.

  jonostar 12:42 24 Feb 06
  rmcqua 12:45 24 Feb 06

Nice intro.and home page!

  Softstag 12:54 24 Feb 06

Google knows about your homepage already. The problem is that there is only a flash into on that page. You should put a link on there to the main page click here

Google cannot see links in flash, so it does not know about the rest of your site. If you put a link to your main page on there then it will follow the link and spider the rest of the site.

  jonostar 13:34 24 Feb 06

many many many thankxxxxxxxx

  jonostar 10:02 25 Feb 06

back again/// it was fine .. the site was third down on page one.. checked it later on and its way down on page six.. any ideas why this would be ??

click here

this is a link to the site

  €dstowe 10:20 25 Feb 06

The position that Gooooooogle places your site depends on the frequency of access.

If nobody looks at it, the more rapidly it moves further down the page(s).

Make a rule to click on your site at least once a day - and get your friends to do the same. It will soon be up at the top.

  Softstag 12:01 25 Feb 06

The number of clicks on your site has no effect on search engine position. Google has no way of knowing haw many visitors you get, only how many it referred to you.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an art. There are many sites on it. One useful article is click here

I think the key thing is to identify the keywords that people will use to search to get to your site, then you need to use these words in links to your site from other sites. The use of forums and articles to promote your site, ensuring that you have your keywords in the anchors for the links to your site. You also need to ensure you are using the same keywords in the content of the site.

Getting your site to no 1 position in Google for your desired keywords is not easy and you need to constantly work on it. Remember there are millions of other sites competing for the same keywords.

Google has a Page Rank system, the Page Rank (PR) determines how popular it sees your webpages. At the moment your home page is PR0, this is the lowest possible. It can go up to PR10, but even Google's homepage is only PR9! The more useful links to your site, the higher your PR will go, and the more likely you are to get higher up the search results. My site click here is a PR3 and it has taken me 3 months to get it there.

It takes a lot of time and effort, but once Google likes you, the traffic will start coming in!

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