muffin1947 09:02 19 Dec 07

I wonder if anyone has had this problem.I was in a website and was going to order online.But I needed to check something and needed to go to Google so I minimised the web site and clicked on Google only for my website to dissappear.Whatever website I visit if I minimise it and go to Google I then have to find the website again.I dont recall this happening before.If I minimise the website and go to another website no problem it is only Google.

  muffin1947 09:10 19 Dec 07

After I sent my first post about the dissappearing web site I minimised the PC Advisor web site and went to my ebanking website only for this site to vanish when I went back to this site I was still logged on.Very strange

  johnnyrocker 09:18 19 Dec 07

you may not have your files set to open in new window, would nees your os etc to be of further help.


  muffin1947 09:21 19 Dec 07

Hi johnnyrocker...I am using Windows XP

  johnnyrocker 09:25 19 Dec 07

in that case open'my computer'tools/folder options check which is ticked in browse folders and set according to your prefs.


  birdface 09:26 19 Dec 07

Press Ctrl Alt Delete at the same time.Takes you into Task Manager.Click on options.Make sure Hide when Minimized is not ticked.Now I don't know if this only works with Task Manager or not.But worth a try.

  muffin1947 09:39 19 Dec 07

Thanks chaps but the problem is still there. y our advise much appreciated

  johnnyrocker 09:41 19 Dec 07

what setting was folder options on?and if you changed it did you reboot?


  muffin1947 09:46 19 Dec 07

It was set to open each folder in the same window and I did not re-boot.Should I have done.

  johnnyrocker 09:49 19 Dec 07

yes if you changed it then advisable after clicking apply


  birdface 09:49 19 Dec 07

Try number here It worked for someone may work for you.

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