Good time to buy laptop or wait?

  spook88 12:06 PM 01 May 11


As was on the verge of buying a new Sony laptop to replace current 3 year old Sony vaio nr series (started playing up bang on 3 years after bought!) i am wondering now if i should wait for these new Intel 2nd gen processors nicknamed 'sandy bridge'

Does anybody know how soon they will become mainstream in all laptops?


  • i know there was a delay or recall recently but really wondering when they will be in all laptops?
  chub_tor 12:48 PM 01 May 11

It looks as if aome have already been released Click Here

  spook88 12:52 PM 01 May 11

yes thanks.......but not in all models as yet!

  wiz-king 14:53 PM 01 May 11

It would depend what you want the laptop for. The prices and availability of some components is a bit rocky at the moment because of the Japanese problems, wreaked production lines and lack of power.


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