Is this a good spec PC for playing games?

  Eamon-1242315 12:19 27 Jul 08

I want a PC thats able to play all of todays and even future games at 1600x1440 resolutions on high settings. I was thinking about this

click here

but have requested to change the GFX from 9800GTX to Sapphire Radeon HD 4870 as I hear its a far better card. To those who know alot, is this PC good enough to play the latest games? I have a budget of around £600 for just the PC (not monitor/speakers/mouse etc)

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:23 27 Jul 08

Does it have an operating sytem or am I missing teh obvious?


  Eamon-1242315 12:25 27 Jul 08

Forgot to mention that I am planning on getting Vista 64 bit seeing as 4GB RAM should handle it easy.

  Eamon-1242315 12:29 27 Jul 08

Also few questions-

Which CPU is better Q9450 or Q6600?

Is HD 4870 best card for under £200?

Is 600W of power enough to satisfy components?

Thanks alot

  citadel 14:44 27 Jul 08

9450 is the latest cpu and is better, 4870 is good, 600w is ok. it is a p45 motherboard so you could add another 4870 later if you wish but you would probably need a 750psu.

  Eamon-1242315 22:04 27 Jul 08


Thanks alot blad. Jano you helped me alot there. I'm gonna buy this PC still. Hold tight citadel


  ba2dmi 00:12 28 Jul 08

i woyls suggest this one click here then add where required

  Eamon-1242315 00:16 28 Jul 08

Thanks but I odn't want to be buying seperate parts and fitting myself I just want it all ready made with the parts i want for <£600.

  Eamon-1242315 11:35 28 Jul 08

Sorry about the comment before ba2dmi's post as my son thought he'd help himself to a post in my topic.

  Eamon-1242315 15:28 28 Jul 08

So whats a good motherboard for my spec?

  Eamon-1242315 15:41 28 Jul 08

Can anyone suggest a cheap, good case also?

Thanks alot!

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