A good site(s)for downloading music please

  prozac1947 11:28 12 Apr 03

I am very,very new to downloading music - in fact I haven't any idea how to do it at all!!!

The only sites I have found (*did I mention FREE music ??) have alternative or modern pop.

I am in my fifties and like 60's music or Boyzone/Westlife type songs.

Any suggetions please ??

  cracker23 11:42 12 Apr 03

Cant recomend any free ones but why not try one of the music clubs,msn have one and it's only(I think) £5 per month

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:17 12 Apr 03

Thousands of tracks here, best I have ever used.......click here


  vaughan007 12:19 12 Apr 03

PC advisor wont like you talking about downloading free music :P

  Ghloria 13:02 12 Apr 03

Find and download WinMx.

  prozac1947 13:11 12 Apr 03

oops vaughan !! is it illegal????? seen so much about it on the net !!!!!!

  billyliv 13:15 12 Apr 03

Hi, The best one I have come across is click here cheers, Bill

  prozac1947 13:18 12 Apr 03

i am now completely paranoid !!!! Sincere apologies to PC Advisor if I have broken any rules.

Since finding your site a whole new world has opened and I don't want to lose you !!!

  VoG™ 14:08 12 Apr 03

Irrespective of the legality or otherwise of downloading music, KaZaa comes bundled with loads of spyware, and you are likely to get bombarded with viruses as well.

  Forum Editor 14:18 12 Apr 03

that P2P (Person to person) file sharing software can be used for perfectly legal file transfers we know that in fact the vast majority of the downloads that occur via these sites are of copyright-protected software and MP3 tracks. This activity is illegal, and our policy is that we will not support any threads that offer advice or help about how to use Kazaa, or any other such service.

You've done nothing wrong so far prozac1947, but best to stop now, before you do.

  prozac1947 14:29 12 Apr 03

OHH NOOOOO!!! Was bored last night and downloaded KaZaa. Comp not too happy so just un-installed !!!!!!

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