Good PCI wireless adapter?

  John Ross 13:18 17 Sep 09

I have a Netgear DG834GT router, and use a separately bought antenna with it (aerial wire passes through thick wall to be on the side where the wifi is needed.
This seems OK : my work laptops (eg Dell Latitude E4200) have good reception throughout the house.
However, the family prefer desktops and I bought a Netgear WG311T wifi PCI adapter and the performance is abysmal : not even enough to maintain a functioning connection, even worse with a new antenna.
I could try to buy another PCI wireless adapter if there was a card, but am nervous I will have the same problem : after all this is meant to eb the "best" card for the router.
If anyone has a suggestion of a good reliable cheap PCI wifi card I would eb most grateful.

  John Ross 14:57 17 Sep 09

Now I have gone over things for the nth time I see that the fixings for the antenna socket are a little loose, and in fact its mounting to the printed circuit has broken free. The central pin seems OK, just the mounting for the outer brass shield is loose
Some truly kludgy soldering has gotten things working OK, at least long enough to see if this card is any better than what I was using before.
If not then I would still be keen for suggestions.
A (qualified) Sorry to Netgear!

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