Novis 12:43 21 Jun 03

What is the best OCR software for newspapers test / typed documents?

a) Some, I understand have programmes with tools that allow you to fix mistakes. Anyone know of any?

b) some scanners allow for the use of software different from that supplied?

c) Can anyone suggest websites where such software is available - preferably trial or free?

Thanks - Novis

  Agent Smith 13:10 21 Jun 03

Textbridge is ok various different versions available. Most scanners come with a version of texbridge or finereader. you could lookout for a free version of finereader on one of last months cover discs I just can't remember which mag it came with.

  clayton 13:11 21 Jun 03

Have a look here

click here+

  colberly 14:00 21 Jun 03

I use Simple OCR from click here there is a free version and you can also purchase a licence for $12.50. The free version is adequate for my needs.

  Bebee 14:08 21 Jun 03

I'm using a version of Abbyy Finereader I got on a cover disk some time ago (Full Version 4, I think). I find it excellent and prefer it to Textbridge. The interface is really flexible and allows for corrections. I like the way you can build up the scanned pages into one file.

If you can get a free/trial version I would recommend giving it a try. I've found it good enough not to upgrade to the latest version, but had it been a trial only I would have bought it.

  woodchip 14:23 21 Jun 03

Pagis Pro includes OCR it's very good By ScanSoft
click here

  hoverman 14:50 21 Jun 03

I have just downloaded Simple OCR as suggested by colberly and would recommend you try it. It seems perfect for my needs as well.

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