good internet speed on one pc, bad on another

  VictorChristiansen 20:27 14 Jun 15


I have two computers, one a laptop, the other a tower. On my laptop i normally get around 10mbits on download speed and a bit lower on upload, but on my other pc, the highest i ever get is like 2mbits on download, and that is only if i turn everything else off.

I thought it might be my usb wifi receiver, so i plugged it into my laptop and turned off the intergrated netcard. But it stil got around 10mbits. It's not the location either, i did the same test where my tower is currently standing, same result, 10mbits. I couldn't find any other solutions on the internet, hence why i am asking the people on this forum. My drivers are updated btw, before you mention it.

I will try and write what i think is relevant info.

I have a MSI motherboard running realtek ethernet.

The usb wireless receiver is a TP-Link wn823n

I run windows 8 (i'm a sinner)

Request more info if you need it.

Please help, it's quite frustrating.

  wee eddie 21:31 14 Jun 15

Is the body of the PC between the aerial and the Router?

  rdave13 21:44 14 Jun 15

As wee eddie, This cable, or similar will allow you to change the Wi-Fi dongle's position. Otherwise run an Ethernet cable to your desktop.

click here.

  Graham* 23:38 14 Jun 15

Ask the question again

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