Good general printer

  Plotholder 16:10 01 Oct 06

after a new inkjet - i've read the advice on epson's, ie r220 and D88 - but what about canon, hp, etc.

After a reliable, cheap to maintain printer that gives good quality - not too worried about photo - as tend to use snapfish.

i'm invoved with allotments and do a lot of printing - can someone 'dig-out' a recommendation - and are those continous plumbed in, inks any good?????

  jakimo 16:18 01 Oct 06

A budget monochrome laser would be the most economical, Samsung\Brother\HP

  Woolwell 16:19 01 Oct 06

If your main use of the printer is for text then I suggest that you look at cheap laser printers. More economical than inkjet and generally very reliable too.

  Gongoozler 16:21 01 Oct 06

If you want cheap to maintain inkjet, then I would recommend an Epson printer and Choice Stationery click here ink. HP printers are very good, but the ink is more expensive and even the remanufactured are a lot dearer than Epson compatibles. If you do a lot of printing and are happy only to print in monochrome, then consider a cheap laser printer.

  Blubottle 16:27 01 Oct 06

Canon everytime, had two Epsons kept clogging up
got a baby Canon i250 brilliant little printer

  Plotholder 16:27 01 Oct 06

Must admit to being an epson fan - need colour on no. of occassions

  Gongoozler 16:34 01 Oct 06

How many sheets do you print a month?
Epsons tend to clog if they aren't used fairly regularly. Whatever you choose, avoid Lexmark inkjets - very cheap to buy, very expensive for ink. Thats why they are often bundled with computer packages.

  Plotholder 17:22 01 Oct 06

Thanks 4 your time guy/gals

  Border View 17:57 01 Oct 06

I have a Canon i450. Brilliant - got it cheap from Morgan Computers. Compatible cartridges cost about £1 each. (one black one colour). Have had Lexmark - very expenstive cartridges. would recommend a Canon every time. Keep your eyes peeled on Morgans web site, they come up with some cracking deals.

Happy planting and good harvesting.

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