is this a good gaming pc and if not then please help.

  toader1471 11:23 AM 15 Dec 11

Hi i want to be able to play star wars the old republic on a new desktop so is this setup good in the link or would you recommend something else?

  Woolwell 11:47 AM 15 Dec 11

Personally I would not describe a system with onboard graphics as a good gaming system.

The requirements for the game are here

  toader1471 11:49 AM 15 Dec 11

Ty so is it possible for someone to give me a link please to a good gaming thank-you

  KRONOS the First 11:54 AM 15 Dec 11

It would be helpful if you could mention a budget.

  toader1471 11:58 AM 15 Dec 11

ok so my budget is as low as possible but 500-600 would be max so how about this

  KRONOS the First 12:34 PM 15 Dec 11

Which one do you mean,all you have done is linked to a page with a couple of options.

  toader1471 12:56 PM 15 Dec 11

ok so to get this straight I would like a gaming desktop that can be upgraded in the future that can play star wars the old republic and would like to no what ones of these links is good and if none then please post a link to me thank-you option 1:


option 3:

  toader1471 12:57 PM 15 Dec 11
  archpreston 13:13 PM 15 Dec 11

Go for Option 1. Looks like a good PC.

Regards, A

  toader1471 13:22 PM 15 Dec 11

so option A you guys would suggest so ty and if any one has any different views please message me so might buy it in a weeks time or so

  KRONOS the First 13:41 PM 15 Dec 11

Option 1: Not a particularly good graphics card but I would imagine that it will be fine your game.

Option 2. again it is a full page so a clue to the PC would help.But there are two in your price range and both have better graphics card.

option 3. you need to pick the bits you want.


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