A Good EXTERNAL DVD Re-Writer please?!

  julius44 05:49 28 Jul 08

Hello everyone, i have a Dell XP service pack 3 pc, the specs are Dell 5150 Pentium 4, CPU 3.00GHz, 2.99GHz, 2GB RAM memory. Its a decent enuff, pc, and i upgraded my RAM from 1GB to 2GB myself. It does NOT have a DVD rewriter, but it has a decnt enuff cd burner.

I would like to purchase a decent EXTERNAL dvd burner, as i do NOT wish to really open up my desktop, even though it has a extra bay slot.
I'm looking for a decent enuff external dvd burner, something that u just plug into 1 of my extra usb hubs and it does the job, but i also want something fast, and that'll burn dvd's very QUICKLY, and not too expensive, i'd like it to be able to burn onto ALL formats of dvd please....it has to be as straightforward as possible please


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