a good email provider

  mogwai 19:20 20 Sep 05

hi ive just had my email account disconnected from those nice people at ntl, and hotmail wont let me open my emails through outlook express are there any good free email providers out there that people know of? i have tried gmail as i heard this was good but apparently its only in the test phase so i cant use that, any help greatly appreciated

  Dennis the Mennis 19:23 20 Sep 05

I've been using G.mail for ages with no problems, If you really don't want to use that you could try Yahoo. click here

  joeltr 19:23 20 Sep 05

i use wannado web mail, free. its very good,.joel.

  John B 20:10 20 Sep 05

I'm very happy with Yahoo.

  octal 20:13 20 Sep 05

"and hotmail wont let me open my emails through outlook express"

I think you find you can ;-)

click here

If you have an orange mobile you can register
click here

  Mikè 20:35 20 Sep 05
  mogwai 21:16 20 Sep 05

I do want to use gmail but it wont let me as it says it is just in the test phase and is not freely available yet, i shall check out the others cheers guys

  PC Bilbo 23:31 20 Sep 05

I've used Incredimail since shortly after it came into being as a free e-mail system although I have since coughed up £30 for lifetime suscription which allows for greater personalisation.

I have found it much better than O.E. as it doesn't seem to have the security and is more fun to use

  MAJ 23:35 20 Sep 05

you should be able to use gmail, if you need an "invite" i.e. a gmail account, email me with your email address and I'll send you an invite.

  interzone55 09:24 21 Sep 05

If you want a Gmail account clcik the envelope next to my name & I'll send you an invite.

Gmail allows both web mail & collection through pretty much any email program, it is also pretty much spam free, unlike Hotmail. And you get an absolutely huge mail allowance, at the moment I am allowed 2608Mb of space, 10 times the space hotmail provide.

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