Good Buy TFT Monitor ?

  Nickoftime 23:24 07 Jan 04

Does anyone have any comments/expereince re the Philips 17" 170B4MG TFT monitor which seems to have a reasonable spec (incl. 16ms response time, dual connectors)& is available now at £299 ?

  g0nvs 15:22 10 Jan 04

Take a look hereclick here and you will find the full specs for this monitor, response time 25 m/s not 16 m/s as you said.Took a look at one of these myself recently but was put off by the specs and that AWFUL base.

I am spoilt with a CTX 19" TFT and am looking for a budget 14 or 15" for sister-in-law, due to this I have been looking at all options and have come to the conclusion that now is most certainly NOT the best time to be buying a TFT!

My Reason? The sheer price of them and lack of stock! Just take a look at Ebuyer and you will see that of 61 15" TFT's on the site, only 17 are in stock and none less than £200.

PCW have a proview 14" at £169 which is the cheapest I can find.

Why am i saying all this? simply because supply and demand being what it is with such short stock the prices will be high. Wait until the retailers are restocked after the christmas frenzy and then see the prices tumble (I hope!!)

  Diodorus Siculus 16:14 10 Jan 04

I read recently that 15inch TFTs are in short supply globally - because of the focus on the manufacture of 17inch models. Certainly the larger ones seem good value at around £300.

  Nickoftime 19:02 10 Jan 04

Thanks, people. Re the specs: the Philips site quoted <25ms on the standard blurb but if you download the pdf file for the monitor that gives <16ms: of course the former is not inconsistent with the latter but could it be that one is for the VGA & one the DVI mode ?
I agree the base is ugly (at least at first sight) but the perspective is different when at the desk and now I've got it home I quite like it. Anyway, why pay more for style ? In fact I nearly went out & bought a second one so impressed was I but I've decided to wait for a good deal on one with a TV tuner incorporated. Re the supply situation, isn't it the TV market - which wasn't predicted by the TFT manufacturers - which has driven the scarcity esp, of 15" models ?

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