going round in circles !

  chriscross72 20:55 07 Dec 06

after having a trojan horse infection i formatted the hard drive on my partners laptop and reinstalled windows
now every time i try to boot it the laptop gets as far as loading the 'windows is starting up' screen then the screen goes blank
i think the trojan affected the 'winlog.exe' file
could anyone help please
could this have affected the computer bios ?

  Parsley 21:01 07 Dec 06

I had a similar problem recently when rebuilding my sons computer. It turned out that the DVD drive had developed a fault. I changed it for an old CD drive I had and completed the install ok. If you laptop came with an exchangable optical drive Some old models did) try swapping it.

  woodchip 21:02 07 Dec 06

Sounds like Format is not enough. You need to Delete Partition and start again

  chriscross72 21:03 07 Dec 06

how do i delete the partition from safe mode please ?

  chriscross72 21:04 07 Dec 06

sorry the laptop is 6 years old....but a much loved machine !

  woodchip 21:07 07 Dec 06

You cannot, As in your other thread you need to use Killdisk from the link. After that you should be able to start computer with XP CD disc and it should setup a new Partition and Windows. Don't think it will have touched the BIOS. Old Virus did but we are going back a very long way

  woodchip 21:08 07 Dec 06

What is the Operating System you are trying to load?????

  chriscross72 21:10 07 Dec 06

'im trying to load windows 2000 as i said the laptop is an old machine but she loves it : ))
can i run kill disc from a usb flash memory drive as i've no floppy on my desktop

  woodchip 19:46 08 Dec 06


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