Going to cost me £140 more

  pj123 18:12 04 Dec 07

Trying to buy a laptop for a friend.

They all seem to come with Vista installed.

When I ask if I can have XP instead of Vista I am told it will be another £140 extra.


  MAJ 18:16 04 Dec 07

Tell them (politely) you'll just buy elsewhere if they don't sell you one, at a reasonable price, with XP installed. Plus, ask for the XP disk.

try novatech o/s selection was seperate last time i looked.

  SANTOS7 18:17 04 Dec 07

Vista is preinstalled i assume they are chargeing for uninstall and reinstall of XP (with disc)

click here

the link may help...

  sidecar sid 19:27 04 Dec 07

Dell will supply Notebooks with XP installed
for no extra charge.

  anskyber 19:32 04 Dec 07

You could do him a favour and get him the excellent Vista OS instead of the aged XP......Just a thought.

  MAJ 20:03 04 Dec 07

oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! anskyber

  SouthernComfort 20:47 04 Dec 07

I bought a Vista laptop for the wife. Wish I hadn't
Whats wrong with this ?

click here

Show it to the shop and tell them where to stick theirs.


  PalaeoBill 22:23 04 Dec 07

As sidecar sid has pointed out, Dell will still sell laptops with XP or Vista. My neighbour wanted a low cost laptop with XP and the Dell was the best compromise on price/performance that we could find (wanted Dual Core).

We did discover that if you buy a machine with Vista Ultimate or Vista Business, Microsoft will allow a free downgrade to XP (but this is not available on the cheaper Vista Home Basic or Premium package that comes with the low cost laptops).

  pj123 12:42 05 Dec 07

anskyber, reason for XP.

She doesn't want to have to replace things like:

Printer, Scanner, Digital Camera, Digital Camcorder etc that may not work on Vista.

She has a perfectly good Desktop PC running XP SP2. It's a bit old but it works and she knows how to use it.

SouthernComfort, nothing! Looks good to me and within her max spend. Will put it on the list. In the end, it will be her decision.

Thanks all for suggestions and comments.

SANTOS7, can't get in to Laptopsdirect via your link. Will try again later.

  Seth Haniel 12:44 05 Dec 07

he wants to keep his friends ;)

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