Going to change my internet supplier

  ponytail 09:34 09 Jun 13

I am changing my internet supplier sometime soon and and as both our laptops and the printer are operated wirelessly I am not sure how I go about changing the wireless password on all three items Laptop 1 is a Asus K73E Laptop 2 is a Samsung N130 The printer is a Brother DCP-J315W

Can someone advise

  Chronos the 2nd 09:43 09 Jun 13

Can yo explain more, as I am not sure what you mean. Surely you only have one password which is your router password and all three items that need access use that password.

When you change ISP's you will,I assume, get a new router which you will stet up changing the default password of course. So if you change the default password to the one you are using with your existing router that will save any issues,I think.

You could, dependant on your new ISP, use your existing router, if it is one that you bought, obviously it will need to be set up for use with the new ISP but that is usually quite simple.

  ponytail 10:09 09 Jun 13

My new ISP supplier BT is supplying a router at the moment my three machines laptop x 2 and printer use the wireless password on my current router but when I get my new router it obviously will have a different number.But not sure what to do in order the three items to recognise the new password

  Ian in Northampton 10:14 09 Jun 13

As Chronos says: probably easier to change the password once on your new router rather than three times on the PCs that will attach to it.

  Ian in Northampton 10:15 09 Jun 13

Sorry, I should have said - change the password on your new router to be the same as the password on your old router. It should be very easy to do.

  ponytail 10:27 09 Jun 13

Hi Guys I did not realise you coul change the password on a router if that is possible it would as you say be a lot easier but how is that don does anyone know

  Chronos the 2nd 10:31 09 Jun 13

AS I and Ian in Northampton have pointed out just change the password on your BT Home Hub,or whatever it is called, to the password you are using at the moment. I am assuming that you changed the default password on your existing router and know what it is?

I think you are possibly confused as it is unlikely that each laptop and printer have individual passwords.

  Nontek 10:37 09 Jun 13

I assume that BT will be installing your new router (it will probably be the new Homehub4), I am sure the engineer will be able to sort it for you. The Homehubs' Password and other details are stored on a removable card which slots into the back of the router.

  Nontek 10:41 09 Jun 13

Click here

Click on the image to rotate it, you will then see the card I mentioned above.

  ponytail 10:45 09 Jun 13

On the back o my current router there are two items Wireless Network Name and Wireless Password

The second is what I used to connect all three items so when I receive my new router I should be able to change its wireless pasword to the one I have at present

  Nontek 10:48 09 Jun 13

I don't think there will be any need to change the new routers password, read through my link above and you should find that connecting items wirelessly is mostly automatic.

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