going broadband

  aahh 15:23 04 Jan 04

I am going on broadband and was wondering if i should remove my old modem , and would it be better to add an ethernet card for connection ,,also will connecting to usb 1,,,, be as fast as connecting to usb 2 ,,,

  bremner 15:26 04 Jan 04

If you wish to receive faxes you will need to retain the old modem.

  roy 15:37 04 Jan 04

I have an adsl modem connected to a USB 1.00 socket and I have removed my dialup modem. No problems. Usb 1 is well up to the speed of broadband. You do not need an ethernet card for adsl but may need one for cable but someone else will probably advise you on that. You will need an ethernet card, of course, if you are networking two or more pc's and sharing the internet connection.

  Sheila-214876 16:17 04 Jan 04

Keep your modem, when I went broadband I thought the same as you. I wouldn't need the modem anymore. Not so. My modem is used to send faxes and I still have a "Pay as you go" dialup internet account in case the broadband goes down, which, unfortunately it has done about 4 times now. Broadband is becoming more and more stable but it is still a good idea to keep a "dialup" account in case, especially if, like me, you need your PC Advisor Forum fix every day.

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