Going from 98SE to XP Home

  TommyRed 16:50 19 Nov 03

Will be switching over in a couple of weeks, does anybody know of any site that deals with General XP troubleshooting, so I'm not on here every 5mins trying to find out about font sizes or something? Thanks TR

  VoG II 16:59 19 Nov 03
  TommyRed 17:07 19 Nov 03

Thanks VoG, I've already found that site on Google, I was just enquiring for a few more alternatives. TR

  VoG II 17:10 19 Nov 03
  Jester2K II 17:11 19 Nov 03

whats wrong with click here ??

  xania 18:03 19 Nov 03

Jester2K II


I understand that many SE drivers don't work on XP, so make sure you download updated ones for everything before you start, especially you modem and your graphics card - others you should be able to download once your back on-line.

Somewhere, but I can't find it at present, I 've a link to a site that has a program to test your machine before you upgrade - came out about the same time as XP. Anyone know where it is?

  Jester2K II 18:10 19 Nov 03

Its on the XP CD. You can run it by putting the CD in under Windows 98.

I would do an upgrade first (then you can roll back if you have too many problems)

Then when all is running consider doing a clean install (it can be done with the Upgrade disk as long as you have a Win98 disk) at a later date.

  Jester2K II 18:10 19 Nov 03

Its here click here

  MIke 18:35 19 Nov 03

I bought the upgrade to xp Home from 98se. Had no problem. XP asked for the original win 98 disc as expected. I've recently done the full install to tidy things up, and was surprised not to be asked for for my old win 98 disc this time around, although I did have to re-activate my copy, which I did over the net, no need to phone Microsoft.

  bananaslik 18:40 19 Nov 03

recently purchased a samsung vm8000 pentium 3 1.1 ghz 10gig hd 128 ram.can anyone tell me where 2 get a manual from please..

  gold 47 18:48 19 Nov 03

W98 to XP good luck once it is up and running it is fine it is getting there.

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