'Gobbledegook' on BACKUP from Iomega 100mbZip disc

  Chiel 14:36 14 Mar 03

I have just regraded my MS WIN 2000 Pro back to MS Win ME. When in Win2000 I backedup some files from MY DOCUMENTS; I now want to reload these into my present OS i.e. WIN ME, but find the info comes out in some sort of 'code' with lots of little squares, or strange Greek?Balkan language, except for one small part that comes out in plain English. What went wrong and how can I fix it?

  €dstow 14:46 14 Mar 03

Why do you think you should be able to read these?

Backup files are meant to be read by the program that is loading them back into your system, not you.


  Chiel 15:07 14 Mar 03

Okay. Will try to load this into my 'new' MY DOCUMENTS' and see what happens.

  Chiel 15:22 14 Mar 03

Have just sent my Backup from the Zip disk to MY DOCUMENTS but when I open it I still receive the gobledegook. Any suggestions.

  €dstow 16:11 14 Mar 03

You say you backed up files. Did you use a backup program for this or do you mean that you copied them as they were on to your Zip disk? If the former, you will have to use the same program to open and re-install your backup to where it should be. If the latter, it is likely that 2000 is not backwards compatible with Me.

Backwards copatibility is not something that is of much importance usually as people do not normally make retrograde steps when changing their equipment.


  Chiel 00:29 15 Mar 03

I realise I shall have to learn more about how to backup files. Your advice and time is appreciated. Thanks again

  DieSse 00:34 15 Mar 03

Please let us know exactly how you did the backup, then some better pointers as to how to restore the data may be possible.

  Chiel 01:07 15 Mar 03

All advice is appreciated. I backed up selected files from MY DOCUMENTS when I had WIndows 2000 (which was giving me a lot of hassle and finally crashed out on me). I backedup into a Zip disk by going to the Backup Wizard in WIN 2000 Now when I wanted to load into my 'new' reinstalled Windows ME it comes out in gobbledegook little squares etc. except for one of the files which came out OK in plain English; all the other files were this gibberish stuff. Oddly enough this gobbledegook/gibberish also turned up yesterday when I downloaded an email attachment. (My ISP is AOL).

  DieSse 01:45 15 Mar 03

€dstow has pointed out your problem above. Backup programs make a compressed file that can only usually be Restored by running the Restore facility in the particular Backup program you used.

Now if you used the Zip supplied Backup/Restore - then you should have no problems - you simply run the ZipDisk through the Resore portion of the program.

If you actually used Win2000 backup, then you may have an insurmountable problem. Worth a try is to simply run it through the ME Restore program and see what happens.

  Chiel 13:58 15 Mar 03

"you simply run the ZipDisk through the Resore portion of the program."

Thanks for your message timed at 01.45 this morning. I'll clutch at any straw but I don't know my way around PC-land. Would you please give me slow & simple step by step idiot-proof guidance on how I do as you suggested. e.g. the only Restore thingammy I can find in Win ME is the SYSTEM RESTORE - and I feel sure you don't mean that.

  DieSse 16:11 15 Mar 03

I'm sorry I no longer use ME, so I can't actually look it up for you, but -

Restore is actually part of the backup program - it's the section that does the opposite of the backup. If you look in Help for the backup program, I feel sure it'll guide you through the restore process.

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