GoBack refuses to install

  Dr. Charles(retired now) 14:42 26 Aug 03

Having buildt myself a shiny new PC, as many of you will understand I have had to reload certain programs.

"Go back" refused to recognise the new large hard discs,I having been running on much smaller ones which were vigorously partitioned. Thinking the only way round this was to uninstall Go back, I did uninstall it and endeavoured to reinstall it on the new PC configuration. However I had kept it in the files when I transferred them to the new PC.

When I endeavour to install it on the new PC configuration, I get at the beginning of the installation program start, so I get to pick the language, click on install, and it then runs for a fraction of the second, and tells me it has uninstall itself. Going onto the Roxio web site, I see they have sold the product to someone else, and really no one wants to know. Is this CD just corrupted, or is there a way round this?
Best wishes,

  MichelleC 15:08 26 Aug 03

Hi Doc, nice to see you back.

GoBack's a bit temperamental on installing. Do a clean uninstall of any GoBack residue files, reboot, either disable or uninstall any Norton's on system; then it should install.

  SEASHANTY 15:39 26 Aug 03

Was there not some notification in the terms of use that this application could only be used on one computer? Probably thinks you are trying to install it again on another PC. A newly built PC with larger hard disks will be seen by Ghost as a "new" pc. You might have to purchase another copy.

  Dr. Charles(retired now) 16:58 26 Aug 03

I did a search and no GoBack files, but some Roxio ones. I deleted all but it might be as Seashanty says. It is a one copy thing maybe. Its so long ago I cannot remember.

Looking in the book though,yes it does say one copy so maybe I have had all those years and its a new purchase - - - lol


  MichelleC 08:28 27 Aug 03

... or you can use RegCleaner...

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